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Intersection cohomology of moduli spaces of vector bundles over curves

  title={Intersection cohomology of moduli spaces of vector bundles over curves},
  author={Sergey Mozgovoy and Markus Reineke},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
We compute the intersection cohomology of the moduli spaces $M(r,d)$ of semistable vector bundles of arbitrary rank $r$ and degree $d$ over a curve. To do this, we introduce new invariants, called Donaldson-Thomas invariants of a curve, which can be effectively computed by methods going back to Harder, Narasimhan, Desale and Ramanan. Our main result relates the Hodge-Euler polynomial of the intersection cohomology of $M(r,d)$ to the Donaldson-Thomas invariants. More generally, we introduce… Expand
  • Mirko Mauri
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of the Institute of Mathematics of Jussieu
  • 2021
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