Intersecting M2- and M5-branes

  title={Intersecting M2- and M5-branes},
  author={Kurt Lechner},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
  • K. Lechner
  • Published 10 February 2004
  • Physics
  • Physics Letters B

The Self-Dual String and Anomalies in the M5-brane

We study the anomalies of a charge Q2 self-dual string solution in the Coulomb branch of Q5 M5-branes. Cancellation of these anomalies allows us to determine the anomaly of the zero-modes on the

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Lifting supersymmetric quantum mechanics to loop space yields the superstring. A particle charged under a fiber bundle thereby turns into a string charged under a 2-bundle, or gerbe. This



Neveu-Schwarz 5-branes in type-IIA supergravity and gravitational anomalies

A gravitational–anomaly–free effective action for the coupled system of IIA D = 10 dynamical supergravity interacting with an NS5–brane is constructed based on a Chern–kernel which encodes the singularities of the three–form field strength near the brane in an SO(4)– invariant way and provides a solution for its Bianchi identity in terms of a two–form potential.

Gravitational anomaly cancellation for M-theory fivebranes

We study gravitational anomalies for fivebranes in M theory. We show that an apparent anomaly in diffeomorphisms acting on the normal bundle is cancelled by a careful treatment of the M theory

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Partially localized intersecting BPS branes

Fully localized brane intersections - the plot thickens

We study fully localized BPS brane solutions in classical supergravity using a perturbative approach to the coupled Born-Infeld/bulk supergravity system. We derive first order bulk supergravity