Interrupting the World As It Is: Thinking Amidst the Corporatocracy and in the Wake of Tunisia, Egypt, and Wisconsin

  title={Interrupting the World As It Is: Thinking Amidst the Corporatocracy and in the Wake of Tunisia, Egypt, and Wisconsin},
  author={Kevin Michael DeLuca},
  journal={Critical Studies in Media Communication},
  pages={86 - 93}
  • K. DeLuca
  • Published 1 June 2011
  • Political Science
  • Critical Studies in Media Communication
We will never understand what constrains us and tries to make us despair, if we do not constantly return to the fact that ours is not a world of democracy but a world of imperial conservatism using democratic phraseology . . . . A solitary power, whose army single-handedly terrorizes the entire planet, dictates its law to the circulation of capital and images, and loudly announces everywhere, and with the most extreme violence, the Duties and Rights that fall to everybody else. (Badiou, 2006, p… 

Nuclear Power for Good: Articulations in Japan's Nuclear Power Hegemony

The Fukushima nuclear meltdown in March 2011 led the majority of the Japanese to support a phase-out of nuclear power. Yet, nuclear energy has become so interwoven with the social, economic, and

The Event That We Are: Ontology, Rhetorical Agency, and Alain Badiou

abstract:As scholars have recently suggested, rhetoric has long been remiss when it comes to nondiscursive concerns beyond its traditional purview. While many have sought to broaden rhetoric’s scope,

From Image Politics to Image Politics 2.0

We are pleased to have the invitation to reflect on the twentieth anniversary of Kevin DeLuca’s Image Politics: The New Rhetoric of Environmental Activism. The book was an inspiration for our own

Charity Medicine for the Global Poor: Humanitarian Ethics and the Nigerian Lead-Poisoning Outbreak

Background: Beginning in 2010, an unprecedented lead-poisoning outbreak in northern Nigeria has killed more than 700 children and endangered thousands more. The outbreak exemplified the intersection



The Communist Hypothesis

We know that communism is the right hypothesis. All those who abandon this hypothesis immediately resign themselves to the market economy, to parliamentary democracy - the form of state suited to

About the history of sexuality.

  • E. Shorter
  • Psychology
    Neuropsychopharmacologia Hungarica : a Magyar Pszichofarmakologiai Egyesulet lapja = official journal of the Hungarian Association of Psychopharmacology
  • 2007
After decades of pioneering work in the neurosciences, the fundamental importance of brain biology in the human condition has now become evident and one of the new syntheses will draw upon neurochemistry and neurophysiology, and it is to the great credit of the Hungarian neuroscience that pharmacologist Joseph Knoll has now ventured a first attempt.

The McDonaldization of Society

Chapter 1: An Introduction to McDonaldization McDonald's as an American and a Global Icon The Long Arm of McDonaldization The Dimensions of McDonaldization Critique of McDonaldization: The

The Marx-Engels Reader

Compiles the significant writings of Marx and Engels in an attempt to trace the origins and meaning of classical Marxism.

Book Review: Simon Johnson and James Kwak 13 Bankers. The Wall Street Takeover and the next Financial Meltdown, Pantheon Books: New York, 2010; 9780307379054, US$26.95 (hbk)

New Institutions. London: Hart Publishing. Blanpain R, Bisom-Rapp S, Corbett W, Josephs H and Zimmer M (2007) The Global Workplace. International and Comparative Employment Law. Cambridge: Cambridge

The German Ideology

This edition makes easily accessible the most important parts of Marx's and Engels's major early philosophical work, The German Ideology, a text of key importance for students.

The Big Short.


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  • 2010

Endgame: The Problem of Civilization

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Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization

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