Interrogate the Interrogator : Presenting SAS ® Usage Information Using BI Tools

  • Shawn Edney
  • Published 2008


In simple and complex SAS® deployments performance monitoring is often desired to ensure ideal efficiency in resource utilization. With out of the box deployments the availability of this information is somewhat difficult to extract and analyze though. The SAS® Application Response Monitoring (ARM) tool allows you to collect a variety of metrics on how your SAS® environment is performing. Useful information such as user CPU statistics and data accesses can be evaluated to measure system performance, user utilization and provide for data access monitoring. While several resources are available on how to implement the ARM tool there is a lack of information on how to analyze or report the information. This paper will present a series of examples using BI principles to gain insight on the utilization of your SAS® BI environment and provide feedback to management, system administrators and users. Whether it is the goal to improve the performance of a stored process in a series of batch jobs or monitoring hardware utilization in the scope of scaling resources for a growing BI environment, existing but underutilized SAS® monitoring tools can have an immediate impact on sustaining an efficient BI environment.

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