Interracial Dating

  title={Interracial Dating},
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Caste and exchange theories predict that Whites who enter into interracial relationships seek to trade their racial status for relational capital (i.e., physical attractiveness, financial security). Racial minorities, on the other hand, are likely to trade such assets for higher racial status. However, previous research concerning interracial relationships has concentrated on couples who are already established; thus, the existing literature is of limited use in examining the initial decisions… 
Homogamy over the net: Using internet advertisements to discover who interracially dates
There is relatively scant research on who interracially dates. The propensity to interracially date may be linked to symbolic racism. It is possible that political conservatives and the highly
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We examine the degree to which ethnic diversity in social networks relates to the frequency of interethnic romantic relationships for 318 college students. In a multinomial logit, we find that the
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This study examines three important issues for race relations in the United States today using a sample of college students: interracial dating patterns, attitudes towards interracial dating, and
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ABSTRACT The racial and ethnic makeup of the United States has become increasingly diverse over the past few decades. Growing rates of interracial dating and marriage have led to an increasing number
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The purpose of this study was to determine the factors associated with Black Americans' dating preferences. Two hundred profiles of Black individuals in the United States (100 men and 100 women) were
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We analyzed personal profiles and records of communication for more than a million nationwide users of a major online dating site. White more than Black, women more than men, and old more than young
Does Higher Socioeconomic Status Increase Contact Between Minorities and Whites? An Examination of Interracial Romantic Relationships Among Adolescents*
Objectives. We examine how socioeconomic status of white, black, Hispanic, and Asian adolescents affects their likelihood of dating across racial lines and the racial characteristics of their
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The United States is a rapidly diversifying country with ethnic minorities comprising over a quarter of the US population. By the year 2050, over half of the United States will be ethnic minority,
The sweetness of forbidden fruit
Past research on interracial dating has focused on demographic and adjustment factors while ignoring the traits most valued in romantic partners. We examined whether interracial and intraracial


Black-White Differences in the Use of Personal Advertisements for Individuals Seeking Interracial Relationships
The study of interracial unions is valuable in understanding the nature of race relationships (Aldridge, 1978). Negative attitudes toward interracial unions from both dominant and subordinate racial
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This study investigated an increasing social phenomenon-newspaper advertising for dating or marital partners-in terms of the bargaining process involved. Content analysis of personal ads in a popular
Biracial marriages in the United States: An analysis of variation in family member support
This paper focuses on family member support of the decision of respondents to marry biracially. Through the use of assimilation theory and marital assimilation as a subprocess, it was hypothesized
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This paper investigates the impact of the residential segregation of social status groups on the choice of marriage partner in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is suggested that homogamy and propinquity
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Attitudes toward interfaith dating are a pertinent topic to investigate among groups characterized by endogamous marital patterns. In the present investigation, this topic is examined among Jewish
An Exploratory Study of Negro-White Intermarriage in Indiana
Ninety-five Negro-white couples who married in defiance of Indiana state law are compared with racially homogamous marriages in the state on such factors as type of ceremony, age, residence, previous
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A content analysis was performed on profiles or self-advertisements from a magazine for singles to identify categories of exchange used by men and women. Generally, the findings supported the
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Heterosexual personal advertisements from two geographically separated, local, weekly newspapers were content-analyzed. Three significant patterns of findings emerged which shed light on gender
Attitudes on dating courtship and marriages: perspectives on in-group versus out-group relationships by religious minority and majority adolescents.
In this study 47 non-Mormon religious minority high school students and 36 Mormon religious majority high school students were asked to identify perceived barriers in dating Mormons (if they were
Racial Inequality and Salience: An Examination of Blau's Theory of Social Structure
Hypotheses derived from Blau's theory of social structure are tested with his 1970 data set. Rates of interracial marriage are inversely associated with various measures of racial inequality across