Interpretive Pitfalls in Historical Hazards Data

  title={Interpretive Pitfalls in Historical Hazards Data},
  author={Allen M. Hittelman and Patricia A. Lockridge and Lowell S. Whiteside and James F. Lander},
  journal={Natural Hazards},
The primary use of the natural hazards data archived at the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) and co-located World Data Center for Solid Earth Geophysics (WDC for SEG) is for the mitigation of future disasters. Among the responsibilities of NGDC/WDC for SEG is archiving and disseminating hazards data to city planners, educators, engineers and others engaged in mitigation efforts (approximately 150,000 users per week on our web site). Therefore, it is the purpose of this paper to educate… CONTINUE READING


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