Interpreting tacrolimus concentrations during pregnancy and postpartum.

  title={Interpreting tacrolimus concentrations during pregnancy and postpartum.},
  author={Mary F. Hebert and Songmao Zheng and Karen Hays and Danny D. Shen and Connie L. Davis and Jason G Umans and Menachem Miodovnik and Kenneth E. Thummel and Thomas Easterling},
  volume={95 7},
Pregnancy after solid organ transplantation, although considered high risk for maternal, fetal, and neonatal complications, has been quite successful. Tacrolimus pharmacokinetic changes during pregnancy make interpretation of whole blood trough concentrations particularly challenging. There are multiple factors that can increase the fraction of unbound tacrolimus, including but not limited to low albumin concentration and low red blood cell count. The clinical titration of dosage to maintain… CONTINUE READING