Interpreting digit ratio (2D:4D)–behavior correlations: 2D:4D sex difference, stability, and behavioral correlates and their replicability in young children

  title={Interpreting digit ratio (2D:4D)–behavior correlations: 2D:4D sex difference, stability, and behavioral correlates and their replicability in young children},
  author={Wang Ivy Wong and Melissa Hines},
  journal={Hormones and Behavior},

Digit ratio (2D:4D) and its behavioral correlates in infant rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta).

  • A. Paukner
  • Psychology, Biology
    Developmental psychobiology
  • 2019
The results of this study highlight the need for future developmental studies of 2D:4D ratios in order to determine not only their stability and predictive value, but also to discern the mechanism connecting prenatal androgen exposure, 2D-3D ratios, and behavioral outcomes.

Parent-Reports of Sex-Typed Play Preference in Preschool Children: Relationships to 2D:4D Digit Ratio and Older Siblings’ Sex

Children’s 2D:4D was measured on both hands on four occasions from early infancy to early childhood providing the rare possibility to test the temporal stability of the sex difference and shows the importance of both biological and social influences on sex-typed play behavior.

Sex Differences in Rhesus Monkeys’ Digit Ratio (2D:4D Ratio) and Its Association With Maternal Social Dominance Rank

Findings show a consistent sex difference in Old World monkeys’ 2D:4D ratio that diverges from the pattern observed in apes and humans, and suggest maternal social dominance rank modulates PAE in rhesus monkeys.

2D:4D Suggests a Role of Prenatal Testosterone in Gender Dysphoria

The findings support the idea that high levels of prenatal T in natal females and low levels inNatal males play a part in the etiology of GD, and add to the evidence demonstrating the convergent validity of 2D:4D as a marker of prenatalT effects.

Sexual Dimorphism in Titi Monkeys' Digit (2D:4D) Ratio is Associated with Maternal Urinary Sex Hormones During Pregnancy.

The first report of sexually-dimorphic 2D:4D ratio in New World monkeys is reported, and the results support a growing literature suggesting prenatal sex hormones may modulate offspring 2D-3D ratio.

Is digit ratio (2D:4D) different between sexual and non-sexual offenders, and non-offending men? Study of a Colombian sample

One research line in criminal behavior studies 2D:4D ratio as predictor of aggression and violent behavior has been established, given that there are sexually dimorphic behaviors associated with the



Sex hormones and finger length What does 2 D : 4 D indicate ?

Much recent research has focused on the ratio of the lengths of the second to fourth manual digits (2D:4D) as a predictor of the degree of expression of sexually dimorphic and other

Digit ratios (2D:4D), postnatal testosterone and eye contact in toddlers