Interpreting a CMS $lljjp_T^{\rm miss}$ Excess With the Golden Cascade of the MSSM

  title={Interpreting a CMS \$lljjp\_T^\{\rm miss\}\$ Excess With the Golden Cascade of the MSSM},
  author={Benjamin C. Allanach and Anders Kvellestad and A. R. Raklev},
CMS recently reported an excess consistent with an invariant mass edge in opposite-sign same flavor (OSSF) leptons, when produced in conjunction with at least two jets and missing transverse momentum. We provide an interpretation of the edge in terms of (anti-)squark pair production followed by the ‘golden cascade’ decay for one of the squarks: q̃ → χ̃02q → l̃lq → χ̃ 0 1qll in the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM). A simplified model involving binos, winos, an on-shell slepton, and… 

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