Interpreting Galilean Invariant Vector Field Analysis via Extended Robustness : Extended Abstract

  title={Interpreting Galilean Invariant Vector Field Analysis via Extended Robustness : Extended Abstract},
  author={B. Wang and R. Bujack and P. Rosen and P. Skraba and Harsh Bhatia and H. Hagen},
  • B. Wang, R. Bujack, +3 authors H. Hagen
  • Published 2017
  • Motivation. Understanding vector fields is integral to many scientific applications ranging from combustion to global oceanic eddy simulations. Critical points of a vector field (zeros of the field) are essential features of the data, and play an important role in describing and interpreting the flow behavior. However, vector field analysis based on critical points suffers a major drawback: the definition of critical points depends upon the chosen frame of reference. Fig. 1 highlights this… CONTINUE READING
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