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Interpretation of Hydro Deep Aquifers in parts of Port Harcourt , Eastern Niger

  title={Interpretation of Hydro Deep Aquifers in parts of Port Harcourt , Eastern Niger},
  author={H. O. Nwankwoala},
-geochemical characteristics of deep boreholes i StatistiXL 1.5 which is an add-in to Microsoft Excel, -chemical variables that would otherwise not -way analysis of variance and further plots of group means -chemical parameters for the deep boreholes show the following – 7.72), EC (350.60 – 618.20μS/cm), TDS (122.70 – 36.00mg/l), Cl (115.00 – 410.00mg/l), Eh (123.22 /l), Salinity (12.00 – 355.00mg/l), NO3 (0.201 – 6.300mg/l), HCO + (0.834 – 3.400mg/l), Mg 2+ (0.445 – 5.677mg/l), K 2+ (0.011 – 0… 

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