Interpretation of Dreams

  title={Interpretation of Dreams},
  author={S. Freud}
  • S. Freud
  • Art, Psychology
  • A manuscript of Ibn Qutayba's compilation on dreams! hitherto considered Iost has recently turned up in the Library of the Hebrew University.s The manuscript contains 67 folios of text (15 lines to each page), carefully written in small, vowelled, clear script; three additional folios contain a Iist of contents written by a later scribe, a remark of a reader and a waqf note. The colophon records the date of copying and the place: Damascus, 20 Dhu l-qa'da 845 H.3 The title of the book as given… CONTINUE READING


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          Al-ta'wil bi-l-Qur
            Al-ta'wil bi-l-ahiidith
              Al-ta'wil bi-l-didd wa-l-maqliib
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                    Dhikru I-nafsi wa-l-riii
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