Interpretation and the Hieroglyphic Monad: John Dee's Reading of Pantheus's Voarchadumia

  title={Interpretation and the Hieroglyphic Monad: John Dee's Reading of Pantheus's Voarchadumia},
  author={Hilde Norrgr{\'e}n},
  pages={217 - 245}
Abstract John Dee's marginalia in his copy of Johannes Pantheus's Voarchadumia (now in the British Library) are an interesting source of information about the development of Dee's scientific ideas in the period between the Propaedeumata Aphoristica (1558) and the Monas Hieroglyphica (1564). In reading the book, Dee has systematically compared the text with Pantheus's earlier work, the Ars Metallicae, and noted any differences between the two largely identical works. Therefore, most of Dee's… 
John Dee and the alchemists: Practising and promoting English alchemy in the Holy Roman Empire
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Est enim lapis Vnus, Medecina Vna
    Philosophoru[m] corpora sunt septem: quoru[m] primus est Sol, eorum optimus rex & Caput." (The philosophical bodies are seven: of which the first is the Sun
    • Ars Metallicae
    Possibly, the solar point in the middle of Dee's hieroglyphic monad could be seen to denote this component, which is one with the substance of mercury
      metalla sunt sex (no[n] enim Arg. uiui est metallum: sed Materia . . . metallorum
      • Pantheus
      s Natural Philosophy, 204. 117 "The Compendious rehearsal of John Dee his dutifull declaration, and proofe of the course and race of his studious life
      • See also Sherman, John Dee: the Politics of Reading and Writing
      Pantheus subscribes to a version of this view; see Pantheus, Voarchadumia, 15v, 37. See also Clulee, John Dee's Natural Philosophy
        monad can no longer be fed or watered on its native soil, until the fourth, great, and truly metaphysical, revolution be completed
        • Dee, Monas Hieroglyphica
        Nam quem Annos prius continuos Septem, Mente gestaui mea." (My mind had been pregnant with it during the whole course of seven years.) possible for someone of his class and occupation
        • Sherman, John Dee: the Politics of Reading and Writing
        The Turba Philosophorum, 135n (a quote from The Rosary of the Philosophers)