Interpretation and Social Criticism

  title={Interpretation and Social Criticism},
  author={Michael Walzer},
  • M. Walzer
  • Published 1 September 1992
  • Psychology
*1. Three Paths in Moral Philosophy *2. The Practice of Social Criticism *3. The Prophet as Social Critic * Index 
The Concept of a Practice and the Critique of Reductionist Conceptions of Culture.
P.II ACKNOWLEDGMENTS P.VI CHAPTER ONE: The Critique of Reductionist Conceptions of Culture P.I 1.1.
Communitarian politics, justice and diversity
(1995). Communitarian politics, justice and diversity. Contemporary Politics: Vol. 1, No. 2, pp. 92-101.
Modern Islamic Thought in a Radical Age: Religious Authority and Internal Criticism
1. Introduction 2. Rethinking consensus 3. The language of Ijtihad 4. Contestations on the common good 5. Bridging traditions: madrasas and their internal critics 6. Women, law, and society 7.
Veil Politics in Liberal Democratic States
1. Introduction to veil politics 2. History, culture and persons 3. Liberalism and veil politics 4. The art of liberal politics 5. Civic education in a liberal state.
Legal cases are increasingly used in the social sciences as the raw material for social analysis. While this is entirely laudable as a research strategy, the analytical methods used in the social s...
Virtue, justice and the human good: non-relative communitarian ethics and the life of religious commitment1
What makes a person or life good? and what is it to be just? Political philosophy poses these questions. However, a further question follows from these two. Can we provide non-relativistic standard...
Foucault & the political
1. Introduction 2. Foultcault's Critical Ethos 3. The Analysis of Limits 4. The Limits of Humanism 5. Foucault's Regicide of Political Philosophy 6. Transgression and Aesthetics 7. Theoretical
Theorizing Justice in Betty Reardon’s Philosophy of Peace Education
iii Acknowledgements iv Table of
Freedom's Right: The Social Foundations of Democratic Life
ForewordIntroduction: A Theory of Justice as an Analysis of SocietyPart I. Historical Background: The Right to Freedom1. Negative Freedom and the Social Contract2. Reflexive Freedom and Its
Rationality in Politics and its Limits
The word ‘rationality’ and its cognates, like ‘reason’, have multiple contexts and connotations. The rationality of calculation (as in ‘rational man’) can be contrasted with the rationality of inte...