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Interpolation Technique to Speed Up Gradients Propagation in Neural ODEs

  title={Interpolation Technique to Speed Up Gradients Propagation in Neural ODEs},
  author={Talgat Daulbaev and A. Katrutsa and L. Markeeva and Julia Gusak and A. Cichocki and I. Oseledets},
  journal={arXiv: Neural and Evolutionary Computing},
We propose a simple interpolation-based method for the efficient approximation of gradients in neural ODE models. We compare it with the reverse dynamic method (known in the literature as "adjoint method") to train neural ODEs on classification, density estimation, and inference approximation tasks. We also propose a theoretical justification of our approach using logarithmic norm formalism. As a result, our method allows faster model training than the reverse dynamic method that was confirmed… Expand
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