Interplay of nutrients and hormones in the regulation of insulin release.

  title={Interplay of nutrients and hormones in the regulation of insulin release.},
  author={Daniel G. Pipeleers and Frans Schuit and P A in't Veld and Emanuelle Maes and Elizabeth L Hooghe-Peters and M van de Winkel and Willy Gepts},
  volume={117 3},
Single pancreatic B cells are purified by autofluorescence-activated cell sorting, and their secretory activity is measured after overnight culture. Compared to intact islets, the isolated cells release 2-fold more insulin under basal conditions and 5-fold less during nutrient stimulation. Their secretory activity can be induced by glucose, leucine, or arginine, but only 0.3-1.7% of their hormone content is liberated at 20 mM nutrient concentrations. This poor nutrient-induced insulin release… CONTINUE READING

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