Interplanar stiffness in defect-free monocrystalline graphite

  title={Interplanar stiffness in defect-free monocrystalline graphite},
  author={Koichi Kusakabe and Atsuki Wake and Akira Nagakubo and Kensuke Murashima and Mutsuaki Murakami and Kanta Adachi and Hirotsugu Ogi},
  journal={Physical Review Materials},
The interplanar bond strength in graphite has been identified to be very low owing to the contribution of the van der Waals interaction. However, in this study, we use microscopic picosecond ultrasound to demonstrate that the elastic constant, $C_{33}$, along the $c$ axis of defect-free monocrystalline graphite exceeds 45 GPa, which is higher than reported values by 20\%. Existing theories fail to reproduce this strongly correlated interplanar system, and our results, thus, indicate the… 
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