Interphase phosphorylation of lamin A.

  title={Interphase phosphorylation of lamin A.},
  author={Vitaly Kochin and Takeshi Shimi and Elin Torvaldson and Stephen A. Adam and Anne E. Goldman and C A Pack and Johanna Melo-Cardenas and Susumu Y. Imanishi and Robert D. Goldman and John E. Eriksson},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={127 Pt 12},
Nuclear lamins form the major structural elements that comprise the nuclear lamina. Loss of nuclear structural integrity has been implicated as a key factor in the lamin A/C gene mutations that cause laminopathies, whereas the normal regulation of lamin A assembly and organization in interphase cells is still undefined. We assumed phosphorylation to be a… CONTINUE READING