Interpersonal Circumplex Octant, Control, and Affiliation Scales for the NEO-PI-R.

  title={Interpersonal Circumplex Octant, Control, and Affiliation Scales for the NEO-PI-R.},
  author={Emily K. Traupman and Timothy D Smith and Bert N. Uchino and Cynthia A Berg and Krista K. Trobst and Paul T Costa},
  journal={Personality and individual differences},
  volume={47 5},
The Five Factor Model (FFM) traits of agreeableness and extraversion are rotational equivalents of the interpersonal circumplex (IPC) dimensions of affiliation and control. Given that the NEO-PI-R is a widely used measure of the FFM, availability of IPC dimension scales within this inventory could facilitate integration of FFM and interpersonal perspectives. In a study of 301 married couples, we evaluated an IPC scoring system for the NEO-PI-R (Wiggins & Trobst, 1998) comprising 6-item octant… CONTINUE READING

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