Interpenetrating polymer networks based on diisocyanates

  title={Interpenetrating polymer networks based on diisocyanates},
  author={G. P. Belonovskaya and Tatyana I. Borisova and L. S. Andrianova and J. D. Chernova and Yu. V. Brestkin and Leonard Krasner and E. V. Kruchinina},
Literature and experimental data are reported on the synthesis of semi-IPN's by two-stage zwitterion polymerization of mixtures of diisocyanates and polar vinyl and heterocyclic monomers. Data on the physical mechanical properties of compositions in the glassy state are provided. On the basis of data obtained by turbidity spectra and dielectric relaxation the structure and morphologic features of IPN's are outlined. Aus der Literatur bekannte und weitere experimentelle Ergebnisse zur… CONTINUE READING

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