Interoperability network model for traffic forecast and full electric vehicles power supply management within the smart city

  title={Interoperability network model for traffic forecast and full electric vehicles power supply management within the smart city},
  author={Victor Fern{\'a}ndez Pallar{\'e}s and Juan Carlos Guerri and Alicia Roca Mart{\'i}nez},
  journal={Ad Hoc Networks},

Research on Intelligent City Traffic Management System based on WEBGIS

Simulation results show that the designed management system can effectively reduce the congestion of urban trunk roads and improve the efficiency of traffic management.

Model predictive longitudinal control for autonomous electric vehicles with tracking differentiator

The longitudinal control is investigated for an autonomous electric vehicle with a tracking differentiator and it is found that the longitudinal system for this vehicle is modelled as a longitudinal system.



Traffic Flow Optimization and Vehicle Safety in Smart Cities

The conceptual model of a system implementing traffic flow optimization and vehicle safety by using Internet of Things and LiFi technology in smart cities is provided.

A decision approach for energy distribution management in smart cities

This work proposes a decision approach for energy distribution adaptation in the Smart City that aims to increase the satisfaction of the users based on the classification of their energy demands according to their criticality degrees.

Electric Vehicles integration in demand response programs

  • M. FalvoG. GraditiP. Siano
  • Engineering
    2014 International Symposium on Power Electronics, Electrical Drives, Automation and Motion
  • 2014
An important support in Demand Response (DR) programs can be provided by the Electric Vehicles (EVs). EVs may behave as a load to the grid, a supplier of electricity to the grid or an energy storage

Smart Cities in Europe and the ALMA Logistics Project

This survey shows the extent of transport and logistics in smart cities in Europe and focuses on a smart city project related to A Logistic Mobile Application (ALMA), which combines a communication infrastructure and a High Performance Computing infrastructure.

Research on electric vehicle charging station load forecasting

In recent years, due to the pressure of energy crisis and environmental pollution, Electric Vehicle (EV) has gained opportunities for development. With the large-scale construction of charging

The plug-in electric vehicles for power system applications: The vehicle to grid (V2G) concept

The emergence and implementation of advanced smart grid technologies will enable enhanced utilization of electric vehicles (EVs) as mobile energy storage devices which can provide system-wide

Smart cities software architectures: a survey

Based on different architectures with the most varied purposes, a set of requirements for the implementation of a smart city is presented and discussed.

A Global Perspective of Smart Cities: A Survey

An overview of the main smart city applications, and their implementation status in major cities around the world, is provided and a study of patents on basic smart city technologies is presented in order to show which countries and companies are making greater efforts to register the intellectual property.

G2V and V2G electric vehicle charger for smart grids

A compact modular fast charging system allowing Grid to Vehicle (G2V) and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) operation and minimum power quality impact in the connection to the grid, guaranteeing that the grid currents Total Harmonic Distortion is lower than 5%.