Interoperability Research of Heterogeneous GIS Based on Spatial Information Grid

  • Yu Sun, Li Guoqing
  • Published 2008 in
    2008 International Conference on Computer Science…


The classical GIS has many difficulties in manipulating massive data, sharing results and interoperability among heterogeneous GIS, which encourages scientists to concentrate on these issues and explore new approaches. In theory, the integration of Grid and GIS has the potential to solve these problems, which makes senses that we research the following ways of GIS interoperability based on grid platform via gridifying vector image function which is a classical operation of GIS software. This paper presents some initial researches about vector merge based on the SIG platform and the result shows that with the help of grid techniques, not only can we implement the interoperation among heterogeneous GIS based on such standard service interfaces, but also can we make the services re-development easier and faster.

DOI: 10.1109/CSSE.2008.862

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