Internode length inPisum: Genelkc


A new single gene-recessive internode length mutant inPisum, lkc, is characterized. The internodes oflkc plants are 30–40% shorter than those of comparableLkc plants, and this is attributable to reductions in both cell length and the number of cells per internode. Dwarfism in the mutant is not due to modified gibberellin (GA) levels, as determined by gas chromatography-selected ion monitoring (GC-SIM) for GA1 and GA20, and bioassay (rice cv. Tan-ginbozu). Furthermore,lkc plants are not as responsive as the wild-type to applied GA1. The diminished stature oflkc plants appears to result from a direct or indirect interference with the transduction of the GA1 signal.

DOI: 10.1007/BF02279305

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