Interneurons between giant axons and motoneurons in crayfish escape circuitry.

  title={Interneurons between giant axons and motoneurons in crayfish escape circuitry.},
  author={Andrew P. Kramer and Franklin B. Krasne and Jeffrey J. Wine},
  journal={Journal of neurophysiology},
  volume={45 3},
1. Crayfish giant fibers are generally believed to generate tailflip movements by means of direct connections to two classes of phasic flexor muscle motoneurons, the motor giants (MoGs) and the nongiant fast flexor motoneurons (FFs). It is shown here that the giants also stimulate a network of interneurons that make connections with the FFs. 2. This network includes an intraganglionic neuron, the segmental giant (SG), in each abdominal hemisegment and a number of intersegmental neurons, two of… CONTINUE READING
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