[Internet social networks tobacco outreach: the clinical experience against tobacco of the General Hospital of Mexico "Eduardo Liceaga"].


UNLABELLED Mass communication is essential to social harmony and for the dissemination of ideas and ways of life. OBJECTIVE understanding the impact of social networking to complete health communication microblogging and dissemination of tobacco control and describe its scope and limitations. METHODS they opened accounts on Facebook and Twitter Wall recording activity, messages and papers presented at the January 2010 period through September 2011 in the profiles of both accounts. RESULTS 1,694 there were friends, 707 men and 987 women plus 814 institutions and 77 followers Facebook Twitter followers, having both a greater response between 20-40 years of age in different social levels, with similar characteristics and results of operation as models of counter-advertising to quit smoke and effective with good impact on the measures related to treatment and harm to health caused by smoking, it was shown that the non-professional population has a high interest in these themes. CONCLUSIONS we suggest that the cost-effectiveness of these programs should be evaluated, and improved future programs should be considered also for selected universal smoking cessation programs indicated by activist via the internet.