Internet of Things

  title={Internet of Things},
  author={Felix Wortmann and Kristina Fl{\"u}chter},
  journal={Business \& Information Systems Engineering},
It has been next to impossible in the past months not to come across the term ‘‘Internet of Things’’ (IoT) one way or another. Especially the past year has seen a tremendous surge of interest in the Internet of Things. Consortia have been formed to define frameworks and standards for the IoT. Companies have started to introduce numerous IoTbased products and services. And a number of IoT-related acquisitions have been making the headlines, including, e.g., the prominent takeover of Nest by… 
A Detailed Study Of An Internet Of Things (Iot)
IoT is also supposed to be the future internet in the upcoming years because of its reliability in daily life application and its effective use in business areas that have been ruling the market.
The Internet of Things
If the right policies and business models are developed, the IoT will stimulate major social, economic and service innovations in the next years and decades and could undermine such core values as privacy, equality, trust and individual choice if not designed, implemented and governed in appropriate ways.
Future Internet of Things (IOT) from Cloud Perspective: Aspects, Applications and Challenges
This chapter aimed at studying different aspects of IoT so that the researchers can get a clear insight of how IoT can be perceived in future; also what could be the possible ways of utilizing cloud resources in the application of IoT.
Saving Environment Using Internet of Things: Challenges and the Possibilities
A setup for smart home that allows the users to control their electrical appliances from internet and even makes the appliances smart enough to react to the environmental conditions on their own is created, providing a solid proof that IoT definitely helps us to save electricity and environment.
Internet of things: financial perspective and its associated security concerns
The analysis of IoT banking and financial services industry is projected to expand from $249.5 million to USD2.03 billion by 2023: eight-time rise or a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 52%.
Internet of things, reality of a connected world
The installation of IoT brings great challenges focused on information security in organizations, but also opportunities for development in all areas of daily life and excellent ideas for innovation.
IoT Fundamentals: Definitions, Architectures, Challenges, and Promises
This chapter seeks to look at the history of IoT, more clearly define it, and review its terms and concepts, as well as review vertical IoT markets and higher-level use cases that have successfully adopted IoT solutions.
Internet of Things: The next evolutionary step- A Review
This review presents a vision for worldwide implementation of IoT while also discussing the key enabling technologies and application domains that are likely to drive IoT research in the near future.
Internet of Things (IoT): The Most Up-To-Date Challenges, Architectures, Emerging Trends and Potential Opportunities
This research paper proposes a novel comprehensive reference source for those who are interested in IoT, ubiquitous sensing, pervasive computing and smart objects, and explains IoT emergence and IoT history in detail, current IoT usage areas, the most up-to-date potential opportunities and future IoT directions.
The Internet of Things
In this Paper, a concept of IoT applications and security challenges that facing the implementation of the IoT are reviewed.


What is the Internet of Things? : An Economic Perspective
The IOT has the potential to become an MRI-technology for businesses and society, with all its attached advantages and drawbacks: it might become a tool that advances the entire discipline of how to manage organizations and complex systems.
Business Models for the Internet of Things
The concept of business models and business model innovation is proposed as a means to align “technological development and economic value creation” in the Internet of Things and four exemplary business model scenarios are described.
The Internet of Things: A survey
From the Internet of Computers to the Internet of Things
RFID and other important technological developments such as IP stacks and web servers for smart everyday objects are considered and social and governance issues that are likely to arise as the vision of the Internet of Things becomes a reality are discussed.
How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition
Information technology is revolutionizing products, from appliances to cars to mining equipment. Products once composed solely of mechanical and electrical parts have become complex systems combining
Research Commentary - The New Organizing Logic of Digital Innovation: An Agenda for Information Systems Research
A conceptual framework to describe the emerging organizing logic of digital innovation is developed and an information systems research agenda for digital strategy and the creation and management of corporate information technology infrastructures is developed.
Vom Internet der Computer zum Internet der Dinge
ZusammenfassungDer Beitrag diskutiert die Vision, die informationstechnischen Grundlagen und Herausforderungen sowie die Anwendungsmöglichkeiten eines ,,Internet der Dinge“. Ferner wird auf
Die technische Basis für das Internet der Dinge
Der stete Fortschritt der Mikroelektronik, Kommunikationstechnik und Informationstechnologie halt weiter an. Damit ruckt auch die Vision einer umfassenden „Informatisierung“ und Vernetzung der Welt
The real cost of "patent trolls"
The article discusses research findings on the effects of patent trolling on the U.S. economy and presents statistics on the costs of patent litigation, reduced investment in research and