Internet of Things (IoT): A Literature Review

  title={Internet of Things (IoT): A Literature Review},
  author={Vihar Lake and Mumbai},
  journal={Journal of Computational Chemistry},
  • Vihar Lake, Mumbai
  • Published 25 May 2015
  • Computer Science
  • Journal of Computational Chemistry
One of the buzzwords in the Information Technology is Internet of Things (IoT). The future is Internet of Things, which will transform the real world objects into intelligent virtual objects. The IoT aims to unify everything in our world under a common infrastructure, giving us not only control of things around us, but also keeping us informed of the state of the things. In Light of this, present study addresses IoT concepts through systematic review of scholarly research papers, corporate… 

A Study on Internet of Things

This research paper will provide definitions, issues of internet things, basic requirements and characteristics of IoT, to provide a complete overview of technologies associated with their usage of daily life.

A Small Review on Internet of Things (IoT)

The basic study of this paper provides information about one of the buzz word what the authors are familiarly known and using in their daily use is ―Internet‖, the term Internet of Things considered as the future evaluation of internet that has machine to machine learning.

Internet of Things (IoT), Applications and Challenges: A Comprehensive Review

Evaluated various contributions of researchers in different areas of applications of Internet of Things to equip novel researchers in this area to assess the current standings of IoT and to improve upon them with innovative ideas.

An Analysis of Internet of Things (IoT): Novel Architectures, Modern Applications, Security Aspects and Future Scope with Latest Case Studies

This paper reports on the current state of research and the meaning of IoT is defined with its progression structure and will give good conception for the new researchers, who want to do research in this field of Internet of Things.

Analysis on internet of things, application, challenges and related future technologies (a literature review)

The concept of IoT, its applications, future prediction and the challenges related to IoT are reviewed.

Internet of Things (IoT) A Gateway for Smarter Life

This paper aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the IoT scenario and reviews its enabling technologies and the sensor networks, and describes a six-layered architecture of IoT and points out the related key challenge.

Internet of Things (IoT): The Most Up-To-Date Challenges, Architectures, Emerging Trends and Potential Opportunities

This research paper proposes a novel comprehensive reference source for those who are interested in IoT, ubiquitous sensing, pervasive computing and smart objects, and explains IoT emergence and IoT history in detail, current IoT usage areas, the most up-to-date potential opportunities and future IoT directions.

Towards a more in-depth understanding of the IoT Paradigm and its challenges

An essential overview of the IoT state-of-the-art and a characterization, presenting issues that should be addressed to contribute to its strengthening and establishment are offered.

Design of a Simple Gas Knob: An Application of IoT

The proposed model is cost effective, simple that could be easily implemented in the real-time basis and could easily check the status of LPG at any place as it is connected to the internet via WiFi module.

Internet of Things: Opportunities and Future Scope

An attempt has been made in this paper to give an idea of spectrum of possibilities of IoT technology, opportunities and its future scope.



Integrating RFIDs and Smart Objects into a Unified Internet of Things Architecture

A generic Internet of Things architecture trying to resolve the existing restrictions of current architectural models by integrating both RFID and smart object-based infrastructures, while also exploring a third parameter, i.e. the social potentialities of the Internet of Thing building blocks towards shaping the “Social Internet of things”.

RFID security in the context of "internet of things"

A recently proposed protocol's strengths and weaknesses are discussed and then an improved protocol is proposed, retaining efficiency of the protocol intact, for solving identification issues of objects around us in a cost effective manner.

Spamming the Internet of Things: A Possibility and its probable Solution

Internet of Things: Services and Applications Categorization

The four main categories of services provided by the Internet of Things are introduced and a number of examples of each of the service categories are provided so as to provide an example of how each type of service might be implemented, and how it can be used to build an IoT application.

Transparency and Development: Ethical Consumption through Web 2.0 and the Internet of Things

Commentators are now pointing to the potential for a globalization of knowledge and transparency that will harness the power of the Internet to allow consumers to learn more about the commodities

Application of RFID Technology for Logistics on Internet of Things

2020 computing: Everything, everywhere

This week's forward-looking science and computing special takes 2020 as the iconic future date, which is now seen as possible for what was unimaginable until recently, the practical quantum computer, and ‘smart dust’: tiny sensors that monitor everything everywhere.