Internet of Medical Things: A Review of Recent Contributions Dealing With Cyber-Physical Systems in Medicine

  title={Internet of Medical Things: A Review of Recent Contributions Dealing With Cyber-Physical Systems in Medicine},
  author={Arthur Gatouillat and Youakim Badr and Bertrand Massot and Ervin Sejdi{\'c}},
  journal={IEEE Internet of Things Journal},
The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) designates the interconnection of communication-enabled medical-grade devices and their integration to wider-scale health networks in order to improve patients’ health. However, because of the critical nature of health-related systems, the IoMT still faces numerous challenges, more particularly in terms of reliability, safety, and security. In this paper, we present a comprehensive literature review of recent contributions focused on improving the IoMT… 

Security in IoMT Communications: A Survey

This paper describes the main characteristics of IoT communication protocols used at the perception, network and application layer of medical devices, and examines the inherent security characteristics and limitations of IoMT-specific communication protocols.

A Review on Security and Privacy of Internet of Medical Things

The healthcare industry is transformed by the Internet of Medical Things as it delivers targeted and personalized medical care and it also seamlessly enables the communication of medical data.

Internet of medical things: Architecture, applications, benefits and challenges

This study covers the peoples contribution of Iot in healthcare sector, application and future problems of IOT in term of medical services in healthcare, and its impact on academics and practitioners in the area, healthcare area.

A Review on Security Issues in Healthcare Cyber-Physical Systems

Researchers’ contributions related to the security of Healthcare CPS have been discussed in general and the latest updated papers in the domain are included and the focus is extended to Wireless Sensor Networks and the vulnerabilities faced along with their defense as an overview.

Distributed network and service architecture for future digital healthcare

The combined use of novel IoT and communication technologies, edge computing and virtualization for managing complex tasks of connecting patients, personnel, hospital systems, electronic health records and medical instrumentation is explored.

Security Vulnerabilities and Intelligent Solutions for IoMT Systems

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) is one the most practical and useful applications of the Internet of Things (IoT), achieved by connecting medical devices and applications to the online

A review of internet of medical things (IoMT) - based remote health monitoring through wearable sensors: a case study for diabetic patients

The goal of this paper is to find feasible solutions to enhance the healthcare living facilities using remote health monitoring (RHM) and IoMT and the enhancement of the prevention, prognosis, diagnosis and treatment abilities using Io MT and RHM.

Review in IoT for Healthcare in Our Life Engineering

An overview of the possible healthcare uses of Internet of Things (IoT)-based technologies is provided to help future academics who are interested in working in the field and making advances gain knowledge into the issue.



Multidisciplinary approaches to achieving efficient and trustworthy eHealth monitoring systems

An architectural framework is presented to describe the entire monitoring life cycle and highlight the essential service components and it is argued that data collection at patient side serves as fundamental basis in achieving robust, efficient, and secure health monitoring.

Cloud-Supported Cyber–Physical Localization Framework for Patients Monitoring

This paper proposes a cloud-supported cyber–physical localization system for patient monitoring using smartphones to acquire voice and electroencephalogram signals in a scalable, real-time, and efficient manner and uses Gaussian mixture modeling for localization to outperform other similar methods in terms of error estimation.

Health-CPS: Healthcare Cyber-Physical System Assisted by Cloud and Big Data

The results of this study show that the technologies of cloud and big data can be used to enhance the performance of the healthcare system so that humans can then enjoy various smart healthcare applications and services.

Towards modeling and analysis of cyber-physical medical systems

The paper describes an approach to formal modeling and analysis of CPMSes with the help of two examples related to analgesic drug delivery and chemotherapy, and proposes CPS-MAS, a cyber-physical medical system modeling andAnalysis framework for safety verification.

CyPhyS+: A Reliable and Managed Cyber-Physical System for Old-Age Home Healthcare over a 6LoWPAN Using Wearable Motes

The paper describes novel energy efficient end-to-end multi-stage message reliability scheme, which provides reliable and secured medical data acquisition, on the fly medical data analytics and visualization in real-time in low power operations and resource constraint environment.

Medical Cyber Physical Systems

We discuss current trends in the development and use of high-confidence medical cyber-physical systems (MCPS). These trends, including increased reliance on software to deliver new functionality,

Network QoS Management in Cyber-Physical Systems

The main characteristics of WSANs and the requirements of QoS provisioning in the context of cyber-physical computing are examined and a feedback scheduling framework is proposed to tackle some of the identified challenges.

Towards context-aware medical cyber-physical systems: design methodology and a case study

This work develops a novel scheme called ‘context-assessment-action’, where medical knowledge is utilised to assess all context-triggered actions and prohibit the risky ones, and is believed to be the first to enable context-awareness for safety-critical systems.