Internet mirror sites

  title={Internet mirror sites},
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Cushing’s syndrome and pregnancy outcomes: a systematic review of published cases

Patients with active CS, especially in pregnancy-induced CS, experienced more problems in pregnancy and had the worst fetal prognosis in comparison to other causes, and both medical treatment and surgery during pregnancy appeared to be protective in avoiding fetal loss.

Chinese Disasters and Just-in-Time Education

The Chinese JIT approach is described, and methodologies for implementing JIT lectures in the context of China's medical and public health system are discussed.

Multilayer and Multimetric Quality Control: The Supercourse

The Supercourse, a global library of 3,600 online lectures available at∼super1 and several alternative quality control approaches that are being developed as part of this global effort are discussed.

Cranial Venous Outflow Under Lower Body Positive and Negative Pressure Conditions and Head‐Up and ‐Down Tilts

  • E. StolzBettina C Fox M. Kaps
  • Medicine, Psychology
    Journal of neuroimaging : official journal of the American Society of Neuroimaging
  • 2009
A large body of knowledge on the regulation of arterial cerebral hemodynamics is known, but little is known about the cerebral venous outflow.

Relevant Issues in the Monitoring and the Toxicology of Antidepressants

The purpose of TDM for new-generation ADs leads more to the monitoring of patient compliance and special patient groups such as the elderly, patients with liver and kidney impairment, and patients with poor metabolism by CYP 450 and comedication with inhibitors and inducers of those enzymes.

Clinical Decision Support for Visual Diagnosis

VisualDx (Logical Images, Inc., Rochester, New York) is a CDSS designed to provide diagnostic support and referencing capabilities for the image-rich areas of medicine, including general dermatology, infectious diseases, drug reactions, and the results of bioterrorism.



Research Paper: Evaluating Internet End-to-end Performance: Overview of Test Methodology and Results

A profile of typical Internet performance and insights into network performance and time-of-day/day- of-week variability is provided that should serve as a frame of reference to help identify and diagnose connectivity problems and should contribute to the evolving concept of Internet quality of service.