Internet memes as multimodal constructions

  title={Internet memes as multimodal constructions},
  author={Barbara Dancygier and Lieven Vandelanotte},
  journal={Cognitive Linguistics},
  pages={565 - 598}
Abstract This paper considers a range of so-called image macro Internet memes and describes them as emerging multimodal constructions relying as much on image as on text, and apportioning roles to images much like constructional slots, for instance to fill in a subject role in a subjectless clause, or even to provide the main clause content to a textually given when-clause. In addition to existing or partially altered linguistic constructions, many examples also rely on specific top text/bottom… 

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Before: Unimodal Linguistics, After: Multimodal Linguistics. A Parallel Architecture Account of a Multimodal Construction

A detailed analysis of the Before-After-construction used frequently in advertisements, cartoons and Internet memes shows that parts of its generic ‘caused-change’ meaning is compositional, and rendered independently from what is overtly expressed by concrete instances of the pattern.

The Blending of Bending: How We Engage with the World of Avatar: The Last Airbender through Memes

Con conceptual blending theory is adopted to investigate the worldbuilding of the macrocosm in ATLA and how the selection of a particular input element for participation in meme blends already conveys an ideological stance, rather than only emerging through readers’ eyes.

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Theings indicate that light visual part utilization combined with sufficient text presence during training provides the best and most robust model, surpassing state of the art.

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“One does not simply categorize a meme”: A dual classification system for visual-textual internet memes

Internet memes are a popular and long-standing genre of discourse on social media platforms, used to express everything from emotional states to political opinions. Dancygier and Vandelanotte (2017)


A pandemia de Covid-19 acelerou o processo de inclusão dos recursos digitais, de natureza multimodal, ao ensino. No caso específico do ensino de inglês como língua estrangeira, os recursos

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Japanese ranks very high among the non-Indo-European languages that provide loanwords to English (Durkin 2014: 25). The naturalization process of Japanese loanwords in English is explained by Doi



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Multimodal simile: The “when” meme in social media discourse

This paper analyzes the “when” meme, a popular internet meme, which prototypically juxtaposes a when clause with an ostensibly unrelated image. Despite the initial incongruity, I contend this image

Quotations as Demonstrations.

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