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Internet and World Wide Web: How to Program with Cdrom

  title={Internet and World Wide Web: How to Program with Cdrom},
  author={Harvey M. Deitel and T. R. Nieto},
From the Publisher: Authors Harvey and Paul Dietel are the principals of Deitel & Associates, Inc., the internationally-recognized training and consulting organization specializing in Java™, C++, C, Visual Basic® , object technology, and Internet and World Wide Web programming training. They are also the authors of the best-selling college-level textbooks including C++ How to Program (2/e), Java How to Program (3/e), C How to Program (2/e) and Visual Basic® 6 How to Program. The Deitels and… 
A framework for authoring databases based on the WebDAV protocol : WebDAD
This dissertation for the first time applies the WebDAV protocol to provide a consistent framework for remote authoring of database, called WebDAD, which is a seamless and effective methodology for accessing and authoring databases in particularly that it naturally benefits the Web DAV advantages such as metadata and access control.
Design and Implementation Dynamic Website for Electronic Library
The CPanel (Control Panel) of the web application used to evolve secure and dynamic web application, and to improve the Characteristics of web application.
Phi Beta Delta: Implementation of a self-maintaining web site
The purpose of the project was to develop an easy-to-maintain web site for the Gamma Lambda Chapter of Phi Beta Delta International Honor Society here at California State University, San Bernardino,
Library Communication Among Programmers Worldwide
This thesis addresses the use of the electronic networked medium in the activity of library communication and aims to discover design knowledge for communication tools and processes directed towards this particular area.
Virtual Programming Lab for Online Distance Learning
The design of the WebVPL system includes the user interface, agent-based client side functions, the structuring of Lab servers, the mechanisms to locate user requested software packages / services and to present various forms of data and information, and the interfaces to various education and programming software packages.
Implement electronic commerce with Dreamweaver UltraDev 4.0
A simulated electronic commerce web site is created to present all aspects of electronic commerce by using the Dream Weaver Ultradev, which is a powerful tool to create web site.
Accelerated Data Delivery Architecture
This paper introduces the Accelerated Data Delivery Architecture (ADDA). ADDA establishes a framework to distribute transactional data and control consistency to achieve fast access to data,
An application program interface for vBulletin
This paper has proposed to develop an interface through which individual client applications monitor a common source of notice service center and notify users instantly.
A New Architecture for Personalization Engines: An Open Source Approach
An implementation (called JESPER, a Jess-enabled personalization system) of such an architecture using JESS (Java-based expert system shell) is presented and the experience shows that personalization engines built this way for a Web site can be quite cheap and rigorous.
Study on Web Development Languages and AJAX Enabled Web Applications
This paper focus on various languages such as HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript, PHP etc used in the design of web pages. A comparative study of these is also done. AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript And XML) is