Internet addiction: reappraisal of an increasingly inadequate concept

  title={Internet addiction: reappraisal of an increasingly inadequate concept},
  author={Vladan Starcevic and Elias Aboujaoude},
  journal={CNS Spectrums},
  pages={7 - 13}
This article re-examines the popular concept of Internet addiction, discusses the key problems associated with it, and proposes possible alternatives. The concept of Internet addiction is inadequate for several reasons. Addiction may be a correct designation only for the minority of individuals who meet the general criteria for addiction, and it needs to be better demarcated from various patterns of excessive or abnormal use. Addiction to the Internet as a medium does not exist, although the… 

The Internet’s effect on personality traits: An important casualty of the “Internet addiction” paradigm

The Internet’s potentially negative effect on personality, and by extension on society at large, is a fundamental part of online psychology, one well worthy of further investigation.

Internet addiction or problematic internet use? Which term should be used?

Internet use has increased exponentially worldwide. Although the use itself is not negative, since it integrates several benefits, some individuals seem to show problems related to its excessive,

Exploring internet addiction on adolescents

Internet addiction has become an issue of concern. Reality in the field, individuals are not aware of the condition of addiction to the Internet they experienced. The study measured the level of

Chaos and confusion in DSM-5 diagnosis of Internet Gaming Disorder: Issues, concerns, and recommendations for clarity in the field

The DSM-5 has caused more confusion than clarity regarding the disorder, reflected by researchers in the field contesting a supposedly reached consensus for IGD diagnosis.

Treatment of Internet Addiction and Internet Gaming Disorder in Adolescence

Internet use is growing year after year and adolescents represent a large proportion of internet users. There is a scholarly interest in teen internet gaming disorder (IGD) and internet addiction

Relationships between Behavioural Addictions and Psychiatric Disorders: What Is Known and What Is Yet to Be Learned?

A narrative review of the relationships between several behavioural addictions and psychiatric disorders and concludes that strong links with substance use disorders may support the notion that some people are more prone to addictive behaviours, regardless of whether these involve substances or problematic activities.

Problematic use of the Internet is a unidimensional quasi-trait with impulsive and compulsive subtypes

Measurements of comorbid psychiatric symptoms, along with impulsivity, and compulsivity, appear valuable for differentiating clinical subtypes and could be included in the development of new instruments for assessing the presence and severity of Internet use problems.

Individual Differences and the Development of Internet Addiction: A Nationally Representative Study

Internet addiction (IA) has emerged as a universal issue, but its international estimates vary due to different screening instruments and different samples. The present study aims to estimate the

Influence of Different Facets of Internet Addiction on Subjective Well-being in Malaysia: A Comparison Across Ethnic Groups

Despite a growing awareness that internet addiction is becoming a significant public health issue, there is limited research on how multiple facets of internet addiction relates to the humanistic

Is Mobile Addiction a Unique Addiction: Findings from an International Sample of University Students

This research explores whether addictions around mobile phones should be treated more as a physiological or a psychological problem. A new survey about mobile addiction and time use (MATU),



Is Internet addiction a useful concept?

  • V. Starcevic
  • Psychology
    The Australian and New Zealand journal of psychiatry
  • 2013
This article aims to examine some of the most important issues surrounding Internet addiction and to propose an alternative conceptualisation.

Internet Addiction: The Emergence of a New Clinical Disorder

  • K. Young
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Cyberpsychology Behav. Soc. Netw.
  • 1998
This study investigated the existence of Internet addiction and the extent of problems caused by such potential misuse by developing a brief eight-item questionnaire referred to as a Diagnostic Questionnaire (DQ), which can be defined as an impulse-control disorder that does not involve an intoxicant.

A critical review of “Internet addiction” criteria with suggestions for the future

The evidence base is currently not strong enough to provide support for an Internet addiction disorder, and a focus on problem behaviors appears warranted.

The Internet Process Addiction Test: Screening for Addictions to Processes Facilitated by the Internet

This study shows that the Internet Process Addiction Test (IPAT) demonstrates good validity and reliability and four addictive processes were effectively screened for with the IPAT.

Problematic Internet use: a distinct disorder, a manifestation of an underlying psychopathology, or a troublesome behaviour?

  • V. Starcevic
  • Psychology
    World psychiatry : official journal of the World Psychiatric Association
  • 2010
Aboujaoude’s review of problematic Internet use is a timely contribution to the literature on a poorly understood behaviour that has apparently caught the attention of the media more than that of

Modification in the Proposed Diagnostic Criteria for Internet Addiction

Signs of excessive Internet use are compared to the criteria used to diagnose other addictions and pathological gambling is compared to problematic Internet use because of overlapping criteria.

Should DSM-V Designate "Internet Addiction" a Mental Disorder?

  • R. Pies
  • Psychology
    Psychiatry (Edgmont (Pa. : Township))
  • 2009
Based on a model emphasizing intrinsic suffering and incapacity, as well as data regarding course, prognosis, temporal stability, and response to treatment, it appears premature to consider internet addiction as a discrete disease entity.

Internet Addiction - Time to be Taken Seriously?

The rise and popularity of the Internet as a communication medium has become an ever-increasing part of many people’s day-to-day lives. Coupled with the rise in popularity and usage, there have been

Problematic Internet use: an overview

  • E. Aboujaoude
  • Psychology
    World psychiatry : official journal of the World Psychiatric Association
  • 2010
For a medium that has so radically changed how the authors conduct their lives, the Internet's effects on their psychology remain understudied and more research is needed into the pathophysiology, epidemiology, natural course, and treatment of problematic Internet use.