Internet addiction: Prevalence and relation with mental states in adolescents

  title={Internet addiction: Prevalence and relation with mental states in adolescents},
  author={Kentaro Kawabe and Fumie Horiuchi and Marina Ochi and Yasunori Oka and Shu-ichi Ueno},
  journal={Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences},
Internet addiction disrupts the daily lives of adolescents. We investigated the prevalence of Internet addiction in junior high school students, elucidated the relation between Internet addiction and mental states, and determined the factors associated with Internet addiction in adolescents. 

Prevalence of Internet addiction in Japan: Comparison of two cross‐sectional surveys

In two cross‐sectional studies over a 4‐year period, Internet addiction in adolescents is investigated and the resulting changes in their lives are evaluated.

Waterpipe smoking, internet addiction and depression: A public health problem trio?

This study aimed to explore waterpipe use among a large group of adolescents and its association with Internet use, mental health, primarily depression and their demographic characteristics.

Association of Internet Addiction With Nonsuicidal Self-injury Among Adolescents in China

In this survey study of 15 623 adolescents in China, both possible internet addiction and internet addiction were associated with nonsuicidal self-injury.

Prevalence rate of Internet addiction among Japanese college students: Two cross‐sectional studies and reconsideration of cut‐off points of Young's Internet Addiction Test in Japan

Two cross‐sectional studies over 2 years investigating the prevalence rate of IA in college students in Japan and reconsidered appropriate cut‐off points of a self‐rating scale to screen possible IA were conducted.

Relationship between Internet Addiction and Poor Mental Health among Japanese Adolescents

Internet addiction and poor mental health status each increased the risk of onset of the other, and adolescents, their parents and schools need to take policies to use properly Internet.

Internet addiction in adolescent psychiatric patient population: A hospital-based Study from China.

The prevalence of internet addiction is notably high among adolescent psychiatric patients in China and coping for Internet addiction in adolescent Psychiatric patients should conclude the coping of NSSI and GAD.

The relationship between internet addiction and psychosomatic disorders in Iranian undergraduate nursing students: a cross-sectional study

The findings showed that internet addiction and psychosomatic disorders in nursing students can jeopardize their mental and physical health, and affect their future academic and professional activities, and providing educational and counseling interventions and reducing the negative effects of the internet can help to improve student health.

Internet addiction update: diagnostic criteria, assessment and prevalence

The classification of Internet Addiction is still controversial and there are several diagnostic criteria and various tools of measure, however there are no widely accepted diagnostic criteria.

Effect of Internet Addiction on Mental Health of Adolescent Boys and Girls

Internet addiction has a significant impact on the mental health of adolescent boys and girls and further studies in this regard are warranted.



Internet addiction in Korean adolescents and its relation to depression and suicidal ideation: a questionnaire survey.

Prevalence of Internet addiction and correlations with family factors among South Korean adolescents.

Results show that parenting attitudes, family communication, family cohesion, and family violence exposure were associated with Internet addiction, indicating that families play an important role in preventing Internet addiction and must be considered when programs are developed to minimize excessive Internet usage by high-risk adolescents.

Factors Predictive for Incidence and Remission of Internet Addiction in Young Adolescents: A Prospective Study

The result revealed that high exploratory excitability, low reward dependence, low self-esteem, low family function, and online game playing predicted the emergency of the Internet addiction.

Internet addiction among Chinese adolescents: prevalence and psychological features.

  • F. CaoL. Su
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Child: care, health and development
  • 2007
The present study suggests that Internet addiction is not rare among Chinese adolescents and in addition, adolescents with Internet addiction possess different psychological features when compared with those who use the Internet less frequently.

Internet addiction: prevalence, discriminant validity and correlates among adolescents in Hong Kong

Evidence supports the specificity of internet addiction and its symptoms seem to co-occur with individuals' suicidal ideation and depressive symptoms.

A Review of the Research on Internet Addiction

Research indicates that maladaptive patterns of Internet use constitute behavioral addiction. This article explores the research on the social effects of Internet addiction. There are four major

Internet addiction? Potentially problematic use of the Internet in a population of 12–18 year-old adolescents

The prevalence of features suggesting harmful use of the Internet is studied in a representative sample of 12–18 year-old Finns in a postal survey in 2001, with some adolescents reported a potentially harmful relationship with the Internet comparable to addictive disorders.

The association between Internet addiction and psychiatric disorder: A review of the literature

Internet use and misuse: a multivariate regression analysis of the predictive factors of internet use among Greek adolescents

Excessive internet use is predicted solely by the location of internet access and the scope of internet use and may lead to internet addiction, particularly among male adolescents.