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Internet Voting: The Canadian Municipal Experience

  title={Internet Voting: The Canadian Municipal Experience},
  author={Nicole J. Goodman and Jon H. Pammett and Joan Debardeleben},
  journal={Canadian Parliamentary Review},
On January 26, 2010 Carleton University hosted a public policy workshop addressing Internet voting and what Canada can learn from existing cases and trials both locally and abroad. It brought together academics, technical experts, parliamentarians, political party representatives, government officials, representatives from electoral administration authorities and other professionals from Canada, the United States, and Europe. A report entitled, A Comparative Assessment of Electronic Voting, was… 
Internet Voting in Sub-national Elections: Policy Learning in Canada and Australia
Sub-national cases provide a growing stock of evidence about more and less successful ways of managing transitions to voting by internet, focusing on remote online voting in Australia and Canada.
Online Voting in Ontario Municipal Elections: A Conflict of Legal Principles and Technology?
This study presents important observations about online voting use in the 2018 Ontario municipal election and questions whether the legal principles are being met by the technology deployed in practice.
Confidence in paper-based and electronic voting channels: evidence from Australia
ABSTRACT Various electronic voting channels have been introduced across a range of countries. In some countries these new channels have proved uncontroversial, while in others, they remain
The differentiated effects of health on political participation
This analysis is the first attempt to take a comprehensive look at the magnitude of health and political participation in a same country on different levels, and shows that health has a different effect on turnout depending the level of government.


Democracy in Decline: Can Internet Voting Save the Electoral Process?
This article evaluates the ability of Internet voting to improve the electoral process by comparing it against traditional methods of voting currently used. In order to clearly understand electoral
Point, Click, & Vote: The Future of Internet Voting and The Politics of Internet Communication
Point, Click, & Vote: The Future of Internet Voting. By R. Michael Alvarez and Thad E. Hall. Washington, DC: Brookings Institution Press, 2004. 204p. $46.95 cloth, $18.95 paper. The Politics of
Point, Click, and Vote - The Future of Internet Voting
In Point, Click, and Vote, voting experts Michael Alvarez and Thad Hall make a strong case for greater experimentation with Internet voting, and offer a realistic plan for putting pilot remote Internet voting programs into effect nationwide.
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