Internet Movie Database

  title={Internet Movie Database},
  author={Frederic P. Miller and Agnes F. Vandome and John McBrewster},
The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online database of information related to movies, actors, television shows, production crew personnel, video games, and most recently, fictional characters featured in visual entertainment media. IMDb launched on October 17, 1990, and in 1998 was acquired by 
Movies in Public Libraries: A Checklist Comparison with Internet Movie Database Recommendations
This research compares the fifty top-rated movies for 2000–2009 recommended by the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) with the holdings of ten medium-sized public libraries. The study shows that there
Have Films Become More Visually Intense?
The results show that, on average, recent movies are 2.5 times as visually intense as those from the Golden Age of Hollywood.
A Movie Rating Approach and Application Based on Data Mining
The data mining is applied to the movie classification and the prototype model, created based on the decision tree (J48) using Weka, has about 80%-88% precision for all the tested rating.
Prediction of movies box office performance using social media
In this study, we apply data mining tools to generate interesting patterns for predicting box office performance of movies using data collected from multiple social media and web sources including
Affective analysis on patterns of shot types in movies
Investigation of the use of camera distance in famous movie scenes, highlighting the relations between the employed shot types and the affective responses by a large audience suggests that patterns of shot types constitute a key element in inducing affective reactions in the audience.
Ifelt: accessing movies through our emotions
This work explores the design and evaluate different ways to access, browse and visualize movies and their contents, and presents iFelt - an interactive web video application to classify, access, explore and visualize films based on their emotional characteristics.
Timing Movie Release on the Internet in the Context of Piracy
The analysis suggests that if a movie has an excellent opening strength and is able to sustain its revenues quite well, it would be more profitable to release the movie online a few weeks before it is withdrawn from the theaters.
Discovering Latent Patterns from the Analysis of User-Curated Movie Lists
This work applies network analysis methods to a graph that reflects the degree to which pairs of movies are "co-listed", that is, assigned to the same lists from IMDb, to uncover a more nuanced grouping of movies that goes beyond categorisation schemes based on attributes such as genre or director.
Multimedia and Multimodal Information Retrieval
This chapter defines the problem of multimedia information retrieval with its challenges and application areas, overviews its major technical issues, proposes a reference architecture unifying the aspects of content processing and querying, exemplifies a next-generation platform for multimedia search and concludes by showing the close ties between multi-domain search investigated in Search Computing and multimodal/multimedia search.
Design, deployment and assessment of a movie archive system in a film studies context
This thesis describe our work in developing a movie archive system for students of Film Studies in Dublin City University. In particular, our system uses several recent multimedia technologies to