Internet Draft Profile November 20 , 2001 7 RTP over TCP and Similar

  • Schulzrinne Casner, Page
  • Published 2001


This memorandum is a revision of RFC 1890 in preparation for advancement from Proposed Standard to Draft Standard status. This document describes a profile called "RTP/AVP" for the use of the real-time transport protocol (RTP), version 2, and the associated control protocol, RTCP, within audio and video multiparticipant conferences with minimal control. It provides interpretations of generic fields within the RTP specification suitable for audio and video conferences. In particular, this document defines a set of default mappings from payload type numbers to encodings. This document also describes how audio and video data may be carried within RTP. It defines a set of standard encodings and their names Schulzrinne/Casner [Page 1] Internet Draft Profile November 20, 2001 when used within RTP. The descriptions provide pointers to reference implementations and the detailed standards. This document is meant as an aid for implementors of audio, video and other real-time multimedia applications.

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