Internet Addiction: Metasynthesis of 1996-2006 Quantitative Research

  title={Internet Addiction: Metasynthesis of 1996-2006 Quantitative Research},
  author={Sookeun Byun and Celestino Ruffini and Juline E. Mills and Alecia Douglas and Mamadou Niang and Svetlana Stepchenkova and Seul Ki Lee and Jihad Loutfi and JungKook Lee and Mikhail J. Atallah and Marina Blanton},
  journal={Cyberpsychology & behavior : the impact of the Internet, multimedia and virtual reality on behavior and society},
  volume={12 2},
This study reports the results of a meta-analysis of empirical studies on Internet addiction published in academic journals for the period 1996-2006. The analysis showed that previous studies have utilized inconsistent criteria to define Internet addicts, applied recruiting methods that may cause serious sampling bias, and examined data using primarily exploratory rather than confirmatory data analysis techniques to investigate the degree of association rather than causal relationships among… CONTINUE READING
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