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Internet & World Wide Web How to Program

  title={Internet \& World Wide Web How to Program},
  author={Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel and T. R. Nieto},
Internet & World Wide Web How to Program, 5/e is appropriate for both introductory and intermediate-level client-side and server-side programming courses. The book is also suitable for professionals who want to update their skills with the latest Internet and web programming technologies. Internet and World Wide Web How to Program, 5e introduces students with little or no programming experience to the exciting world of Web-Based applications. This new edition focuses on HTML5 and the related… 
Design of a two-course sequence in web programming and e-commerce
Needing a replacement for an aging COBOL course sequence, this paper undertook the design and implementation of a web programming course sequence using popular open source software including Linux, Apache, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, and MySQL.
Design and Development of a New JAVA Based Conversion Tool from Relational Database to XML Datasets
A variety of new applications may be developed using the valuable and tremendous amount of web resources and the web applications that are available in the Internet. To interact with other systems,
Library Communication Among Programmers Worldwide
This thesis addresses the use of the electronic networked medium in the activity of library communication and aims to discover design knowledge for communication tools and processes directed towards this particular area.
An Empirical Comparison of HTML, PHP, COLDFUSION, PERL, ASP.net, Javascript, VBScript, Pyton and JSP
A shopping cart application was implemented in each of the Web development languages and the following factors were used in the evaluation: Platform, Performance, Functionality, Ease of use, Reliability, Program length, Portability, Database supports, Speed of execution, Maintainability, Object oriented programming, and Development cost.
Design and Implementation Dynamic Website for Electronic Library
The CPanel (Control Panel) of the web application used to evolve secure and dynamic web application, and to improve the Characteristics of web application.
It s Time to Link! On the Development of Time-Sensitive Linking Structures for the Web
It is demonstrated in this thesis that XLink’s (XML Linking Language) multiple linking, link traversal rules and linkbases with a timerule namespace extension can be used to realize time-sensitive linking structures in professional Web-based applications.
Core Web Technologies for New E-Commerce Employees
This research presents a brief overview of e-commerce technology and utilizes a survey, based on this overview, to garner insights from IS professionals at leading e- commerce firms, as well as directions for future research.
The rapid advancements in database, web and wireless technologies have given rise to new bread of information systems that were impossible just few years ago. These systems are characterized by the
Design and evolution of an undergraduate course on web application development
The course design, the choice of topics, programming assignments, course delivery and the experience in coping with the rapidly changing Web technologies are described.
e-Learning Based on Context Oriented Semantic Web
This research reports on the work in progress to develop a framework forSemantic Web mining and exploration, a practical method towards Semantic Web application to e-Learning along with its design framework is suggested.