International survey on NAT testing of blood donations: expanding implementation and yield from 1999 to 2009.

  title={International survey on NAT testing of blood donations: expanding implementation and yield from 1999 to 2009.},
  author={Wilfried Roth and Michael P. Busch and A. Schuller and Sue Ismay and Amy F Cheng and Clive R Seed and Christof Jungbauer and P M Minsk and Daniel Sondag-Thull and Silvano Wendel and Jos{\'e} Eduardo Levi and Margaret A Fearon and Gilles Delage and Yuehong Xie and Irena Juki{\'c} and Paul Turek and Henrik Ullum and Valentina Tefanova and Maria Tilk and R Reimal and Johanna Castr{\'e}n and M Naukkarinen and Azzedine Assal and Christine Jork and Michael Kai Hourfar and Paquette Michel and Ruth Offergeld and Lutz Pichl and Michael Schmidt and Volkmar Schottstedt and Erhard Seifried and Franz Wagner and Marijke Weber-Schehl and Constantina Politis and Che Kit Lin and Wai Chiu Tsoi and Joan O'Riordan and Ahuva Gottreich and Eilat Shinar and Vered Yahalom and Claudio V Velati and Masahiro Satake and Nabil Sanad and I Sisene and Abdul Hamid Bon and M Koppelmann and Pat Flanagan and O Flesland and Ewa Brojer and Magdalena Lętowska and F{\'a}tima Nascimento and Eugene Zhiburt and Sze Sze Chua and Diana Teo and Sne{\vz}na Levi{\vc}nik Stezinar and Marion Vermeulen and Ravi Reddy and Quehn Park and Emma E C Castro and Adolfo Eiras and I Gonzales Fraile and Pilar Rioja Torres and Bengt Ekermo and Christoph Niederhauser and Hua Chen and Sineenart Oota and Larry J. Brant and Roger Eglin and Lisa Jarvis and Leon Mohabir and Jackie Brodsky and Gregory A. Foster and Cara L E Jennings and Edward P Notari and Susan L. Stramer and Donn Kessler and Christopher D. Hillyer and Hany Kamel and Louis Katz and Christopher Taylor and Simon Panzer and Hendrik W Reesink},
  journal={Vox sanguinis},
  volume={102 1},
W. K. Roth (Germany), M. P. Busch (USA), A. Schuller (Germany), S. Ismay, A. Cheng, C. R. Seed (Australia), C. Jungbauer (Austria), P. M. Minsk (Belarus), D. Sondag-Thull (Belgium), S. Wendel, J. E. Levi (Brazil), M. Fearon (Canada – CBS), G. Delage (Canada – Héma-Québec), Y. Xie (China), I. Jukic¢ (Croatia), P. Turek (Czech Republic), H. Ullum (Denmark), V. Tefanova, M. Tilk, R. Reimal (Estonia), J. Castren, M. Naukkarinen (Finland), A. Assal (France), C. Jork, M. K. Hourfar, P. Michel, R… CONTINUE READING


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