International standardization of diagnostic criteria for vasospastic angina.

  title={International standardization of diagnostic criteria for vasospastic angina.},
  author={John F. Beltrame and Filippo Crea and Juan Carlos Kaski and Hisao Ogawa and Peter E. A. Ong and Udo P. Sechtem and Hiroaki Shimokawa and C Noel Bairey Merz},
  journal={European heart journal},
  volume={38 33},
The Coronary Vasomotion Disorders International Study Group (COVADIS) was established to develop international standards for the diagnostic criteria of coronary vasomotor disorders. The first symposium held on the 4-5 September 2013 addressed the criteria for vasospastic angina, which included the following (i) nitrate-responsive angina, (ii) transient ischaemic electrocardiogram changes, and (iii) documented coronary artery spasm. Adoption of these diagnostic criteria will improve the clinical… CONTINUE READING