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International code of botanical nomenclature (Saint Louis Code): Sixteenth International Botanical Congress, St Louis, Missouri, USA, July-August 1999.

  title={International code of botanical nomenclature (Saint Louis Code): Sixteenth International Botanical Congress, St Louis, Missouri, USA, July-August 1999.},
  author={W. Greuter and J. Mcneill and F. Barrie and H. M. Burdet and V. Demoulin and T. S. Filgueiras and D. H. Nicholson and Paul C. Silva and J. Skog and P. Trehane and N. Turland and D. Hawksworth},
Revisão de pecopterídeas polimórficas do neopaleozóico da América do Sul
REVIEW OF POLYMORPHIC PECOPTERIDS FROM SOUTH AMERICA NEOPALEOZOIC. Pecopteris pedrasica and Asterotheca piatnitzkyi diagnosis were emended here in order to involve their polymorphic nature and toExpand
1686) Proposal to conserve the name Cryphonectria (Diaporthales) with a conserved type
1 Department of Microbiology and Plant Pathology, 3Department of Genetics, Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Institute (FABI), University of Pretoria, Pretoria 0002, South Africa,Expand
A taxonomic study of Syntrichia laevipila (Pottiaceae, Musci) complex
A taxonomic study of Syntrichia laevipila and S. pagorum is carried out and it is concluded that they are the same taxon and the typical forms in which it is found are simply the extremes of its wide morphological range. Expand
An Updated and Annotated List of Marine Brown Algae (Phaeophyceae) of the Caribbean Coast of the Republic of Panama
The brown algae of the Republic of Panama have been poorly documented to date, primarily due to a paucity of floristic studies in the country. Historical collections are limited, and where available,Expand
A revision of Cladophoropsis Børgesen (Siphonocladales, Chlorophyta)
A reassessment of the genus Cladophoropsis results in the recognition of six morphospecies and demonstrated that Cladophileoropsis is closely related to Boodlea, Phyllodictyon, Struveopsis,struvea and Chamaedoris and that the genus probably does not form a natural group within this genus complex. Expand
Combined multiple gene genealogies and phenotypic characters differentiate several species previously identified as Botryosphaeria dothidea.
A combined phylogeny of the three gene regions used in this study showed that the genus Botryosphaeria represents two distinct phylogenetic assemblages that correspond to species with Diplodia and Fusicoccum anamorphs. Expand
MycoBank: an online initiative to launch mycology into the 21st century
An on-line database, MycoBank, is launched with a remit to document mycological nomenclatural novelties and their associated descriptions and illustrations, where they will further be linked to other databases to realise a species bank that eventually links all databases of life. Expand
The infraspecific taxa of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.)
A formal taxonomic distinction of three subspecies covering ten botanical varieties of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) is proposed, based on systematic field observations of 330 genebank accessions, a literature review and on inspection of the relevant herbarium materials. Expand
Genomics, bioinformatics, and plant systematics
Comparison of plant nuclear genomes will allow the identification of conserved nonrecombining and single copy loci that can serve as robust phylogenetic markers and reduce the cost of obtaining and analyzing nucleotide sequences. Expand
Nomenclatural adjustments in African plants 1 1 . Synopsis of the genus Justicia L . ( Acanthaceae ) in southern Africa , with eight new combinations for species of Adhatoda Miller and Monechma Hochst
Conclusions: Firstly, a complete enumeration of all southern African species of Justicia was provided within the infrageneric classification for the genus accepted by Graham (1988) and later modifiedExpand