International Tourism Highlights, 2019 Edition

  title={International Tourism Highlights, 2019 Edition},
  • Published 28 August 2019
Active sport tourists: Millennials vs baby boomers
Purpose: Active sport tourism is one of the fastest rising leisure segments. Considering the extensive growth of both the millennial and baby boomers generation in this sector, there are large-scale
Advances in tourism behavior & retailing introduction to a special issue in Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science (JGSMS)
  • Po-Ju Chen, Lianping Ren, Xiangping Li, Fiona X. Yang
  • Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science
  • 2022
ABSTRACT This introduction reviews current issues in tourist behaviors and retailing. The article furthers the retailing shopping framework and its application to consumer behavior in general and
Assessing the linkage between energy consumption, financial development, tourism and environment: evidence from method of moments quantile regression
From outcomes, it shows that tourism development is not detrimental to environmental quality in the Mediterranean region investigated, however, there is need for caution on FDI influx and dirty economic activities that might compromise environmentalquality in the study bloc.
Estimating the Spatial Heterogeneity and Seasonal Differences of the Contribution of Tourism Industry Activities to Night Light Index by POI
  • Juan Wei, Yongde Zhong, Jingling Fan
  • Sustainability
  • 2022
The spatial distribution of tourism has a profound impact on its operational efficiency and geographical relevance. Point of interest (POI), as a kind of spatial data shared by subject and object,
Information system selection for hospitality industry via integrated use of IVIF-DEMATEL and IVIF-TOPSIS
An integrated IV-DEMATEL and IVIF-TOPSIS approach is utilized and an application for the Turkish tourism sector’s case is realized, and the results of the methodology are compared with the IVif-VIKOR approach.
Sustainable High Yield Luxury Tourism Experiences
The Pandemic of Tourism: How Tourism Has Become an Unsustainable Luxury
The Role of Strategic Stakeholder Groups in the Air Transport and Tourism Industries
Tourism, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability
The new global economy and its branches need to be both sustainable and entrepreneurial. In the world where finitude of resources can be eye-witnessed, decisions that lay upon the principles of
Analysing the satisfaction of halal restaurant guests through online ratings on TripAdvisor
Providing halal products is one of the key factors in the lives of members of the Islamic faith. The physical and economic availability of halal food has an important place in the decision-making