International Time and Weather Radio-Telegraphic Signals

  title={International Time and Weather Radio-Telegraphic Signals},
  author={WILLIAM J. S. Lockyer},
IT is to the French Government that the world is indebted for the institution of an international conference on the radio-telegraphic distribution of time and weather signals. So long ago as 1908 the Bureau des Longitudes suggested a series of hourly signals from the Eiffel Tower for the determination of longitudes, and this service was brought into active operation in 1910. The great success which the service met with called for a more universal use of it, and to this end the French Government… 

The Mediatization of the Air: Wireless Telegraphy and the Origins of a Transnational Space of Communication, 1900-1910s

Airspace today is densely penetrated by Wi-Fi networks, GPS services, broadcasting and mobile phone signals. This process, what we call the “mediatization of the air”, is not so new, as it began in