International Tables for Crystallography

  title={International Tables for Crystallography},
  author={Carolyn Pratt Brock},
  journal={International Tables for Crystallography},
  • C. Brock
  • Published 15 July 2019
  • Materials Science
  • International Tables for Crystallography
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The Certification of Standard Reference Material 1979: Powder Diffraction Line Profile Standard for Crystallite Size Analysis

This rather long-standing project has resulted in a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Standard Reference Material (SRM) for the analysis of crystallite size from a consideration

Quantitative Phase Analysis by X-ray Diffraction—Doping Methods and Applications

X-ray powder diffraction is an ideal technique for the quantitative analysis of a multiphase sample. The intensities of diffraction lines of a phase in a multiphase sample are proportional to the

An asymmetric sheath controls flagellar supercoiling and motility in the leptospira spirochete

The structure of native flagellar filaments from the spirochete Leptospira are determined by integrating high-resolution cryo-electron tomography and X-ray crystallography and it is shown that these filaments are coated by a highly asymmetric, multi-component sheath layer, contrasting withFlagellin-only homopolymers previously observed in exoflagellated bacteria.

Martini bead form factors for nucleic-acids and their application in the refinement of protein/nucleic-acid complexes against SAXS data

This work derived the Martini beads form factors for nucleic acids and implemented them, together with those previously determined for proteins, in the publicly available PLUMED library and implemented a hybrid multi-resolution strategy to perform SAXS restrained simulations at atomic resolution.