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Sustainable development or Environmental Kuznets Curve model: Which route for Africa?
  • Takawira Gara
  • Economics
    Environment, Development and Sustainability
  • 2018
The Environmental Kuznets Curve (EKC) proposes uncontrolled pollution during initial development stage of a nation and then a gradual shift to environmental protection and remediation as income (GDP)
Transition Design: A Proposal for a New Area of Design Practice, Study, and Research
Abstract Fundamental change at every level of our society, and new approaches to problem solving are needed to address twenty-first-century “wicked problems” such as climate change, loss of


The environmentalism of the poor - a study of ecological conflicts and valuation
This text has the explicit intention of helping to establish two emerging fields of study - political ecology and ecological economics - whilst also investigating the relations between them. The book
"Social Multi-Criteria Evaluation" (SMCE)"
The main argument developed here is the proposal of the concept of “Social Multi-Criteria Evaluation” (SMCE) as a possible useful framework for the application of social choice to the difficult
Public economics yesterday, today and tomorrow
Public economics, that is to say the study of public intervention in the economy, 1 has emerged from public finance in the 1950s to reach its autonomy at the beginning of the seventies, with, in
Peer Review and Quality Control
from uncertainty in knowledge and values; this is shown in the dominant teaching tradition in science, which created a universe of unquestionable facts, presented dogmatically for assimilation by
Science for the 21 st century *
Let me first warmly thank UNESCO and ICSU for the invitation extended to me to take the floor at the opening ceremony of this Conference and address it on behalf of the Third World Academy of
Special issue on Societal Metabolism-Part 2 of 2: Specific Applications to Case Studies
  • Population and Environment
  • 2001
Participatory approaches to environmental policy-making: the European Commission Climate Policy Process as a case study
Abstract The paper investigates the relevance of participatory approaches to environmental policy-making when sustainable development is taken as the encompassing normative basis for environmental
Pathways for environmental evaluation: a walk in the (Hanging) Gardens of Babylon☆
The paper gives a methodological overview of The VALSE Project, which was a European programme of research into valuation procedures for aiding the formulation and evaluation of sustainability
Science and Governance in the European Union. A Contribution to the Debate.
Increasing attention is being paid to scientific aspects of policy or administrative decisions taken at a European level. Certain features of the process including the potentially irreversible