International Legal Positivism in a Post-Modern World: Contributors

  title={International Legal Positivism in a Post-Modern World: Contributors},
  author={J{\"o}rg Kammerhofer and Jean d’Aspremont},
International Legal Positivism in a Post-Modern World provides fresh perspectives on one of the most important and most controversial families of theoretical approaches to the study and practice of international law. The contributors include leading experts on international legal theory who analyse and criticise positivism as a conceptual framework for international law, explore its relationships with other approaches and apply it to current problems of international law. Is legal positivism… Expand
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How Post-Positivism Sheds Light on Treaty Interpretation: Celebrating the VCLT Rule of Interpretation
What does post-positivism reveal about the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (VCLT) rule of interpretation? This chapter argues that post-positivism can uncover the justificatory function ofExpand
ABSTRACT The widespread antipathy to Hart's description of international law as a simple or primitive social order, one that lacks a rule of recognition and therefore does not qualify as a legalExpand
State Consent and Disagreement in International Law-Making. Dissolving the Paradox
  • S. Besson
  • Political Science
  • Leiden Journal of International Law
  • 2016
Abstract This article starts with a paradox: international law-making is ridden with reasonable disagreement and yet no state can be bound by international law without its consent and hence withoutExpand
A Lex Mercatoria for Corporate Social Responsibility Codes Without the State?: A Critique of Legalization Within the State Under the Premises of Globalization
Recent efforts have sought to theorize the legalization of the social and economic sphere that is undiminished by time. Though the context has changed over time, the project remains the same—to embedExpand
Legal Positivism in a Global and Transnational Age: Introduction
This introductory chapter sets out the book’s aim and outlines the contributions which compose it. In doing so, it also offers a contextualisation of the origins and recent developments of legalExpand
Contextual Elements in Prevailing Case Law: Application of the Legal Definition of Genocide or an Interpretative Contortion
This chapter addresses the question of context in the jurisprudence or case law of the Ad Hoc Tribunals in order to appreciate the position of the contextual elements of the crime from the practicalExpand
  • Lee McConnell
  • Political Science
  • International and Comparative Law Quarterly
  • 2016
Abstract In light of a recent shift in dialogue to hard law standards in the domain of business and human rights, this article provides an in-depth examination of the viability of a business andExpand
Kapitel 1: Einleitung
Mit diesen Worten beschrieb der algerische Volkerrechtler Mohammed Bedjaoui die zentrale volkerrechtliche Debatte in der Dekolonialisierungsphase, namlich die Frage, wie sich das VolkerrechtExpand
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Postnational Constitutionalism and Postnational Public Law: A Tale of Two Neologisms
Abstract This paper examines how ideas of postnational constitutionalism and postnational public law have developed and will likely continue to develop in ways that are in some respects complementaryExpand
Global governance as public authority: An introduction
How to make sense of global governance has been a long-standing puzzle for scholars. Work in international relations has sought to tackle it for two decades now, and more recently, lawyers, politicalExpand
The Exercise of Public Authority by International Institutions : Advancing International Institutional Law
Concept.- Developing the Publicness of Public International Law: Towards a Legal Framework for Global Governance Activities.- From Public International Law to International Public Law: A Comment onExpand
Events: The force of international law
Foreword, Martti Koskenniemi 1. Introduction, Fleur Johns, Richard Joyce & Sundhya Pahuja 2. The International Law in Force: Anachronistic Ethics and Divine Violence, Jennifer Beard 3. AbsoluteExpand
Power in Global Governance
This edited volume examines power in its different dimensions in global governance. Scholars tend to underestimate the importance of power in international relations because of a failure to see itsExpand
Prolegomena einer Theorie des rechtlichen Stufenbaues
Die Reehtsordnung ist eine Summe zusammenhiingender Rechta· sat... Eine Strukturanalyae der Rechtaordnung erkennt in ihren Rechts· satzan nieht nur eine sehier unerseMpiliehe Zahl an R e e h t s i nExpand
Untersuchungen zur Reinen Rechtslehre (Manz 1986) 51-90; Jörg Kammerhofer
  • Uncertainty in International Law: A Kelsenian Perspective
  • 2011
Enemy Combatants": On the Exercise of Power in Legal Interpretation' 5
  • Journal of International Law & International Relations
  • 2009
38 at 223-245; see further David Kennedy
  • Ohio Northern University Law Review
  • 2008