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International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology

  title={International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology},
  author={N. Prudvi Kumar Reddy and Dr. E. Kesavulu Reddy},
The technique demonstrates particularly exact for vessel location in STARE images. Its application to this database (notwithstanding when the NN was prepared on the DRIVE database) beats all examined division approaches. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas fails to secrete enough insulin, slowly affecting the retina of the human eye. As it progresses, the vision of a patient starts deteriorating, leading to diabetic retinopathy. In this regard, retinal images acquired through fundal camera aid in… 

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Information Fusion for Diabetic Retinopathy CAD in Digital Color Fundus Photographs
This work addresses the question how to fuse information from multiple CAD algorithms, operating on multiple images that comprise an exam, to determine a likelihood that the exam is normal and would not require further inspection by human operators.
Automatic detection of red lesions in digital color fundus photographs
A novel red lesion detection method is presented based on a hybrid approach, combining prior works by Spencer et al. (1996) and Frame (1998) with two important new contributions, including a new red lesions candidate detection system based on pixel classification.
Retinal Imaging and Image Analysis.
Methods for 2-D fundus imaging and techniques for 3-D optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging are reviewed and aspects of image acquisition, image analysis, and clinical relevance are treated together considering their mutually interlinked relationships.
A Survey of Face Recognition Techniques
A discussion outlining the incentive for using face recognition, the applications of this technology, and some of the difficulties plaguing current systems with regard to this task has been provided.
This paper has used three sets of feature extraction techniques namely Hu's moment invariant, zoning with Hu moment and Zoning withHu's moment and radon transform for classification of Devnagari characters and proposed Ant Miner Algorithm (AMA) for classification.
Brain MR Image Restoration Using an Automatic Trilateral Filter With GPU-Based Acceleration
This self-regulating trilateral filter outperformed many state-of-the-art noise reduction methods both qualitatively and quantitatively and is of potential in many brain MR image processing applications that require expedition and automation.
A Review of Image Denoising Algorithms, with a New One
A general mathematical and experimental methodology to compare and classify classical image denoising algorithms and a nonlocal means (NL-means) algorithm addressing the preservation of structure in a digital image are defined.
Visibility Restoration of Single Hazy Images Captured in Real-World Weather Conditions
A novel VR method that uses a combination of three major modules: a depth estimation module; a color analysis module; and a VR module that provides superior haze removal in comparison with the previous state-of-the-art method.
Content-Based Image Retrieval
A survey of CBIR systems is provided and the fundamental properties and techniques used in these systems are explained, including text-based information retrieval and why it does not work for searching through collections of images.