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International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences

  title={International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences},
  author={T. Carver},
Instructional Aids to Support a Conceptual Understanding of Multiple Representations.
The main goals of this study were to test whether multiple representations, such as diagrams and equations, per se help to acquire conceptual understanding in probability, and to investigate whetherExpand
Developer fluency: achieving true mastery in software projects
It is found that developer productivity in terms of number of tasks per month increases with project tenure and plateaus within a few months in three small and medium projects and it takes up to 12 months in a large project. Expand
Positive Thinking: Toward a Conceptual Model and Organizational Implications
Re-imagining Funerary Rites in the Context of Covid-19
Covid-19 has brought about unsuspected possibilities and death on a large global scale since its advent on the shores of the global community in early March of 2020. The novel pandemic hasExpand
What Is Intelligence? A Panoply of Views
As discussed in Chapter 1, a lot of accounts of intelligence, including in textbooks, assume that intelligence is basically whatever it is that intelligence tests and their proxies – SAT, ACT, GRE,Expand
Research on Mobile Population in Beijing---An Empirical study of Hei-zhuang-hu Town in Chaoyang District
Household registered population and mobile population remarkably hang upside down in rural-urban fringe zone of Beijing. Investigation of Beijing city and Hei-zhuang-hu town in Chaoyang DistrictExpand
T-Hive: Bilateral Haptic Interface Using Vibrotactile Cues for Presenting Spatial Information
The results showed that the vibrotactile cue provides a better method of perceiving the directional information as compared with kinesthetic feedback. Expand
The city and the slum: an action research on a Moroccan and a Roma Xoraxanè community in Rome.
This work is an action research that deals with the theme of urban ethnic poverties, with particulare reference to the Italian phenomenon of the Roma encampments. The study is important becauseExpand
Concept analysis of self-efficacy among schizophrenia
The concept of self-efficacy is a core development concept of social cognitive theory. Self-efficacy is needed by schizophrenia patients to overcome problems. The initiation aims are to analyzeExpand
Diachronic Analysis of Stance Markers in Research Articles’ discussion Sections
It is now increasingly accepted that metadiscourse as one of the significant rhetorical features of research articles is context-sensitive and subject to change in response to the historicallyExpand