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  title={International Encyclopedia of Communication},
  author={Jan Nederveen Pieterse},

Performa Jurnalisme Online dan Kecenderungan Politainment dalam Berita Pilpres 2019

Perubahan karakter persaingan bisnis media di era internet mengantarkan jurnalisme online pada dilema dan himpitan antara mengedepankan berita berdasarkan minat pasar (market interest) atau minat

Implementation of Media Education in Europe - Comparison between Media Education in Different Countries in Western and Central Europe

The first considerations about increasing a person’s media competence as part of lifelong learning in post-modern society had already appeared in post-war Europe. International institutions, however,

Emergence and ontogenetics: Towards a communication without agent

In the scientific community, discussions about emergence are motivated by a need to understand the process by which complex systems exhibit novel characteristics that cannot be reduced to those of

Diversity Outreach in Major League Baseball: A Stakeholder Approach

Diversity Outreach in Major League Baseball: A Stakeholder Approach Shaun M. Anderson Despite the prevalence and magnitude of community engagement within professional sporting organizations, limited

Integrating Care from Home to Hospital to Home: Using Participatory Design to Develop a Provincial Transitions in Care Guideline

This case study highlights the extensive design process used to develop this guideline, with a focus on the participatory design (PD) approach used throughout, that was Alberta’s first guideline for supporting patients through TiC.

Japanese women’s desire to learn English: Commodification of feminism in the language market

ABSTRACT This critical ethnographic study explores the lived experiences of Japanese women and their desire to learn English in view of what can be referred to as the commodification of feminism. I

Will It Teach Them a Lesson? Validating a Measure of Retributive Efficacy in Social Issue Activism

The public and policymakers have increasingly recognized the role that industry plays in contributing to societal issues, such as climate change and childhood obesity. In fact, many people now

ZP łam 2, 2 zeszyt.indd

Socialist and Post-socialist Communication Research: A Longitudinal Analysis The present paper uncovers the intellectual history and present of the communication and media studies and its thematic

State Aid for Newspapers: First Theoretical Disputes

If one first lays aside any definitional problems—the term state aid is used within the European Union, and the term subsidies the standard expression of the World Trade Organization, while the OECD