International Crime and Justice: Women and International Criminal Justice

  title={International Crime and Justice: Women and International Criminal Justice},
  author={Mangai Natarajan and Monica Ciobanu},
An Assessment of Criminology in the Latin Global South


Gender and crime: Toward a gendered theory of female offending.
Criminologists agree that the gender gap in crime is universal: Women are always and everywhere less likely than men to commit criminal acts. The experts disagree, however, on a number of key issues:
The role and sentencing of women in drug trafficking crime
Purpose. There has been a great deal of debate concerning the role and sentencing of drug traffickers. Attention has been paid to the gendered organization of the drug trafficking trade whereby women
Women’s Involvement in Terrorism
Women have had a long history of participating in terrorist activity. This history extends from the earliest modern terrorist group, from the nineteenth century Russian People’s Will to the current